Momo J Yasutake

Soul Catalyst + Quantum Energy Healer 

Welcome to the world of infinite possibilities.

where you can co-create anything and everything, simply by being you.


¬† ‚ĖĹ

Hi Love,


As an empowered Manifestor in Human Design, I live in my inner quantum world of infinite possibilities.

This is where I feel at peace within myself. 

This world of infinite possibilities is what I’m here to birth into our physical reality.

For me, for you, for all.

A world where our¬†inner world is the true reality and the ‚Äúwhat is‚ÄĚ is simply a reflection of it.

A world where we deliberately wield the energies from our inner quantum world and bring it into physical form.

A world where our inner knowing leads us through the miraculous adventure of our conscious evolution called the human experience.

As a lightwarrior in a Manifestor vessel, I am here to initiate you into your highest expression of who you came here to be.

To experience the Soul fulfilling purpose in which you incarnated for this lifetime.

To live in this new paradigm where we live knowing the truth that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself through individual human experiences.

To experience a reality where your Soul dreams are the collective's dreams expressing itself through your unique blueprint, and everything within this Universe is here to support you in living out your Soul blueprint on this beautiful earth plane.


Let's play

in this new paradigm of

win win win

where when you thrive, we all thrive.


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B.S. from UC Davis in Bioinformatics

(a combo of Genetics + Computer Science)


**Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

studied/mentored under, and worked closely with Dr. Laura Stuve


(Since 2014)


Certified BodyIntuitive Practitioner

(Since 2018)


Arcturian Quantum Light Healing 

(Since 2019) 


Manifestor Mastery Advanced Certification 

(Since 2023 - Now)


**As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, my work includes**

Past Life healing

Ancestral healing

The 5 Elements

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acu-points and the Meridian System


The Chakra System

BodyEcology (microbiome ecosystem)

Hormones and Neurotransmitters




and more. 


What I do. 

Subconscious, Conscious, and Embodiment work.


Quantum Energy Healing

< Subconscious Energy work >

As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and BodyIntuitive Practitioner I work on all 7 dimensions of existence (Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddic, Atmic), all 5 bodies (Physical, Energetic, Mental, SupraMental, Bliss). 

95% of our lives are run by the subconscious. This is why we start here, uncovering the energetic (and karmic) patterns and distortions that is recreated over and over unconsciously.

Not only do we bring the subconscious into the conscious during the sessions, but we actually heal, shift, clear the subconscious distortions, kinks, and blocks held in our bodies (all 5 bodies Physical, Energetic, Mental, SupraMental, Bliss) stopping us from living a life in alignment to the fullest expression of our Soul.

I am trained to come into the alpha state of mind, merely as an observer and facilitator guided by your body's innate wisdom on its own unique path to healing.

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Embodied HD Manifestor

< Conscious Awakening work > 

As a Manifestor I am deeply attuned and tethered to the rhythms, quantum timing, and needs of the collective (especially with all my tribal/collective channels). And therefore am here to birth/create what is needed for the collective and leads the aligned trajectory for all involved. 

By deeply honoring my design I receive all the information from both your aura (your subconscious) and what you share (your conscious) and allow my Right arrowed mind and brain (PRR DRL) to absorb it all from multiple angels and perspectives.

While all this simmers in my system I download necessary information from Uni/Source/Cosmos to bring forth the channeled activation codes for your specific conscious expansion. 

The impact from what flows out of me will be felt beyond our time together, like a ripple effect that you'll witness unfold like magic. 


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< Embodiment work >

This may arguably be the most important, maybe even the most exciting part of the work we do together. 

This is where we get to witness and practice all that has been done in the conscious and subconscious work through our bodies in real time. 

This is where we notice our awareness has expanded and can see things we've never seen before, notice things we never noticed before.

Experiences where your inner knowing that was activated within, pops up during moments of wobbling between your old reality and your new reality and instant realignment to your inner knowing can occur.

These are the times where you truly get to witness your own power to direct your energy, your focus, and to choose what you desire to co-create into your reality. 

I simply get to ride along side with you, cheer you on, hold your truth, and witness your true essence unfold right before your eyes. 


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allowing in everything your Soul desires, simply by being you.



BodyTalk System:

A playful exploration into your inner galactic world guided by your bodies innate wisdom on it's unique path to healing.


‚Ėī BodyTalk is a system developed by Dr. John Veltheim based on the¬†belief that living organisms have the capability¬†to heal themselves more effectively than any technology used today

¬†¬†‚Ėī¬†In the BodyTalk System we use a map of the Body-Mind-Spirit, and navigate using neuromuscular feedback to find the prioritized¬†path of healing for the body. Your bodies innate wisdom leads the way.

¬†‚Ėī It is a Quantum based energy healing because it is based off the idea that we are all currently a physical manifestations of our highest probability state.

¬†‚ĖīWith the observer's effect and¬†the¬†roadmap to the desired probability state (created by the map + your body's innate wisdom) we can shift your physically manifested state into the desired, healed version.


Human Design:

We are all uniquely designed to interact with our outer world aligned to our one of a kind energetic operating system.


¬†‚Ėī Human Design is a system downloaded by Ra Uru Hu which integrates ancient wisdom and modern science,¬†based off of astrology, the I Ching, Quantum Physics, the Chakras, and the Kabbalah.

¬†‚Ėī Human Design is essentially a blueprint of your energetic operating system showing you how¬†you are uniquely designed¬†to thrive.

¬†‚Ėī¬†I use your Human Design chart to help support you along your own human design experiment, but also use BodyTalk to heal/shift/clear subconscious conditioning based on your chart.


Gene Keys:

When we work together you will be activated in all kinds of ways as I speak to awaken the light coding of your DNA. 


¬†‚Ėī¬†Gene Keys is a self realization teaching developed by Richard Rudd like a personality mapping based off of the 64 universal archetypes represented by the 64 I'Ching mirroring the 64 chromosome of your DNA.¬†

¬†‚Ėī¬†The system incorporates a beautiful blend of¬†genetics, quantum mechanics, personal development, myths, archetypes, and the ancient wisdom of astrology and the I‚ÄôChing.

¬†‚Ėī¬†¬†There are 64 Gene Keys or ‚Äėuniversal archetypes‚Äô, of which you have a unique profile¬†with specific layout of 11 keys within your personal chart.¬†

¬†‚Ėī I¬†bring the gift frequencies of¬†my own Gene Keys coded within my DNA as well as use BodyTalk, Channeling, and my unique Manifestor powers¬†to catalyze you¬†into¬†your gift frequencies within your personal chart.¬†

Deep, Playful, and straight to the point is my style ;)

Always with deep love + reverence

It's like going on an exploration into your miraculous inner galactic world to discover the inner workings of you.


As we go on an adventure we'll dissolve the illusions, realign you to your inner knowing, and who you came here to be which is deeply coded in the light codes of your DNA. 


I see the energetics behind the conditioning that tie together your belief systems, thought patterns, unprocessed emotions, life experiences, and all the karmic/dharmic influences that's played a role in creating the circumstances of your current reality.


Together we untangle, clear, and clean up your resistance and bring both the conscious and subconscious part of you onboard with the life you came here to live. 

Work with me.

3 ways to get started together


 Get in the Vibe 


Feel into my energy, take in anything that resonates and drop the rest.

You are a powerful co-creator of your world, your life, your reality. You can trust what you feel. What feels right to you is aligned for you, what doesn't feel right is not aligned to you.

I am just like you, expressing the inner knowing that resides within me through this human vessel. 

With a deep intention to spark a remembrance in your power, your sovereignty, your brilliance through the truth that flows out of me.

Feel the vibe


1:1 Quantum Energy Healing

BodyTalk, Conscious awakening work, Embodiment work, using my super powers as a HD Manifestor and your unique Human Design and Gene Keys Profile.

When we work together you get all of me, all that I do. We'll go straight to the core of the issue, pattern, imbalance to shift, clear, and harmonize and optimize your thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, energetics and body chemistry.

Realigning it all to your deepest Soul desires - the guiding posts to embodying who you came here to be.

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1:1 Intimate Mentorship 

This is a sacred and powerful energetic container where we collapse time, move mountains, bust through old paradigms, all while having a ball witnessing your own transformation from the inside out.

It's like having your own personal Manifestor on speed dial to snap you out of your personal illusions in real time & re-activate your undeniable inner knowing. 

Recalibrating you to your inner knowing, holding you in your highest probability state as you lead yourself back into your truth & power.

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L o v e  N o t e s

from clients

Momo is a gift from the gods.

Consider yourself truly blessed if you get the opportunity to work with her.

Momo is able to hold healing space without judgement and while processing emotionally difficult and complex issues like only a handful of professionals I have ever encountered. She seems to truly be able to enter and embody a  jesus-like state where she leaves her own human emotions and opinions behind so that you could open all your wounds to that pure love to receive light and healing.

Momo’s adaptability to be able to deliver what her clients need, when her clients need it is almost unparalleled. She smoothly goes between energy healing, coaching, and divine guidance, holding you and seeing you as you are in a seamless fashion.

Momo’s gifts as a coach and healer are insane. In one session, she easily brings in detailed bio-physical changes, chakra / field changes, past life changes, relationship shifts, and soul level changes. She makes it seem totally normal to be talking about and then healing a physical health issue on a biological level and then to quickly and smoothly change to examining (and healing!) it from a deep soul level. 

Momo is like a brain surgeon in her ability to go detailed on physical level. It’s like art watching her blend her traditional scientific training with her energy work. Listening to her talk about what she is doing is like watching parts of your body unfold as you learn about the biology down to and past the cellular level.

Listening to Momo as she is doing past life / spiritual work on you, is like having a healer work on a quilt of who you are and helping you understand why you are as you are, while also bringing peace and healing as she helps to bring the quilt back together with new energy. Everything she is talking about resonates, and is at the right detailed level (always changing) for healing. Her ability here is insane: to be talking about things that are not of your current life, but are almost undeniably a part of you.

I worked intensely with Momo during one of the roughest parts of my life. I was pretty much hitting rock bottom. Others wouldn’t even touch me, my situation brought up so much for them as humans. Momo helped lift me up from the ashes. 

Momo is a genius and moves quickly. So for other people who are incredibly smart with fast moving minds, who are getting into forms of energetic healing, she is an amazing match. She gets so much done in a single session. She is capable of explaining what she is doing to other high functioning minds and skeptics. She blends her energetic powers with her science-backed knowledge of the human body. Her work is downright refreshing to other critical thinkers in its transparency and hybrid approach. 

Momo’s work is so powerful that the manifestations are undeniable. Having an inclination towards skepticism and a desire for data, all this “energy” stuff can at times leave you feeling “ does it really work?” With Momo, there is no room for doubt. If you’re a skeptic, you might be at one of your moments wondering if someone can really do any changes though energy alone, and then “boom” just an undeniable result or series of results shows up that you have to turn into a believer again. My life is changed forever after working with her, I am forever grateful.



Real Estate Guru

Yoga teacher + Life Coach


My session with Momo was pure magic. Her loving energy made me feel safe and present like I haven’t felt before. What I loved about the session with Momo was the incredible, accurate and on point insight to my own subconsciousness. I was reminded of my childhood and how some of my traumas still influence me as an adult today. I felt the change immediately, something clicked. Even though I spent one hour with Momo, the healing was taking the course of next two weeks or so following the session. I felt energy shifting in my body and mind. My vision is more clear, I have better clarity of who I am and where I am going. I just feel more happier and excited in general. If you are considering working with Momo, don’t hesitate. Momo is an amazing, gifted healer and guide who helps you to integrate all that comes up. What I love is that Momo helps you to tap into your own energy and potential and then support you as you show up this way in all areas of your life - career, relationships, service, abundance… AND you get to witness the results super fast.

- LB

Healer + Medicine Women

Wow.... where do I even begin with Momo? I have worked with her from the basic daily things that come up needing help clarifying or gaining insight, and she has also been there in literally some of the most challenging, dark places in my life. To me, Momo is my go to.  I know I am in a safe space with her that will allow me to be completely real with her, which allows me to be completely real with myself.  To have support in healing this way is one of the best I've ever received.  If you haven't worked with her yet, you're missing out.

- JV

Business + Prosperity Coach

Momo is such a power house! Any time that I have been craving soul acceleration, Momo has been my 'go-to' girl! I can't even explain how fast her sessions are! She is one transformative Divine Goddess! I've had moments where I literally had no idea what my next steps would be, and 30 minutes after a session with her.. boom! Clarity and direction just arrives. It's so much fun to work in this way. I can't even begin to share the level of depth and transformation I've experienced from working with Momo. Tangible results, feeling so stuck and just wanting to stay in bed, to feeling like a million dollars and ready to show up for the world! These sessions are priceless and I would so so SUPER HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that is ready for fast healing and incredible transformation. Thank you for your super gifts in the world Momo! So grateful to vibe in your sphere! xoxo

- SB

Get in the vibe.

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